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Sound systems

In order to hear the live music of our shows, the sound must be amplified. (The piano's we use are not acoustic, but electronic.)

We have various sound sets available for the most common events and performances. In consultation with you, we determine the best choice; a small compact soundset, or a large soundset. At the moment we can amplify the sound with our own equipment for up to +/- 600 people. For larger events, we call in a specialized sound company.

Our own sound sets:

Electro Voice EKX series

geluidsset ev ekx

For performances up to 350 people we have a professional Electro Voice EKX soundset. The sound of this set can be very soft or very loud, and continues to sound really fantastic at all volumes. In addition, this set also looks beautiful visually; suitable for high-class events. This set can be used at events where 'we can pump-up the volume', but also deployable for easy-listening performances with a modest volume.
For the connoisseurs: 2 x 18″ bass speakers / 2 x 15″ top speakers

DAP Clubmate II

soundset dap clubmate 2

This is a small, compact sound set with an unimaginable sound. This set requires little space and is visually very attractive due to the very small top speakers. Particularly suitable for receptions, restaurants and terraces.

It is intended for an audience up to 80 people.
It consists of 1 x 15″ bass speaker, and 2 small speakers on a stand.

Master Audio Junior set

soundset master audio

This is our first soundset and has been on the road with the pianist for many years (27+ years). As a result, this set might look a little outdated in comparison to our new Electro-Voice EKX, but we do not want to sell this set because it still sounds so good and it can produce a great volume.  Of course we maintain our sets, so it is visually still in superb condition.

Master Audio is a professional quality, and it shows because after all these years we still like to take the set with us.
We use this soundset in addition to our Electro-Voice set, when there is an audience of up to 500-600 people, or when circumstances are such that we want to spare our new equipment for a while.

For the connoisseurs: 2 x 18″ bass speakers / 2 x 15″ top speakers, all Beyma parts.
Passive powered by a Crown 4000ti amplifier.

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