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Privacy and Cookies

We would like to inform you how your data is used by this website.

The connection between the website (server) and you (user) is encrypted via the SSL security protocol.

Private data - What is not used

This website does not store your personal data in any way in the database or structure of the website when you visit our web pages. Your private data will never be used or stored without your permission or input! This includes:  Your name, address, your personal details, contact details. Except when subscribing to our newsletter. (Read below.)

Fill in the form on this website.
After completing a form on this website, the completed (personal) data will be sent directly to us and/or the relevant company by e-mail. You will also receive an e-mail with the entered data. The data is never stored in the website database or on website servers. For security reasons, we never ask for your credit card details via our website.

Sign Up for Newsletter
When you subscribe to our newsletter, your name and e-mail address will be stored in the database of the website. Access to the database is restricted to the administrator/website administrator through the use of access codes. In the unlikely event that this website is hacked, it may be possible that unauthorized persons gain access to this data.

What is saved

Cookies are small text files that can be placed on your computer when you visit our website.
A practical example:
When you visit our website for the first time, you will be asked whether you accept our cookies. If you agree, a small file will be placed on your computer (a cookie). When you visit our website again at a later date, our website 'knows' that you have already agreed to accept cookies. The website 'knows' this by reading the text file on your computer. As a result, the question "Do you accept our cookies?" no longer be put to you. You have already agreed in the past. This is nice, because you don't have to answer the same question every time.

Cookies are also used for analysis purposes and/or to be able to recognize you when you visit our website again at a later date.
No private data is used or stored by us.

Analysis data
We use Google Analytics and StatCounter. This allows us to analyze the website use by visitors. However, we never know "who" you are. Among other things, the following data is measured and stored on the servers of those companies:
- The keyword you used to find us in the search engine.
- The country, and sometimes the place of residence, where you come from.
- Your used browser, your operating system and your screen resolution.
- The pages you visit on our website, and from where you leave.
- Additional statistics may be measured, but never your private data!
- Your IP address, we can use this to block any hackers and abusers of the website. Furthermore, your IP is of no use to us. It's a number, and no personal information is attached to it.

Note: This analysis behavior is standard usage on the web. For example, Google, and all other search engines, do this continuously and for everyone.
The Google Analytics and StatCounter software may use cookies.

The Cookie "dellenoy" is placed via this website and used to determine whether you have been referred to this website from an events agency website. If that is the case, the address details of the event agency will be shown instead of our own booking agency Artist4U. This cookie only contains a small text to identify the agency, and does not contain any additional (personal) data.

This website sometimes uses (affiliate) advertisements. We then make advertising space available to companies (third parties), and we receive income as a reward. It may be that third-party cookies are used by our affiliate partners, so that the affiliate company knows that you have come from our website. However, we can never find out who you are.

Google Ads
Google often uses (cookie) techniques that enable it to show targeted advertising to the website visitor. We sometimes have Google advertisements on our website, but we have no influence on the technology used.

You decide about the use of cookies yourself!
On www.youronlinechoices.com you can read all about cookies, how they work and how you can disable the use of cookies.

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